1959 WILLYS CJ5 -- Tinker Bell


February 2013 UPDATE

This Jeep is FOR SALE.  If you are interested contact us. Price: $5,500 as is. Currently located in east Texas.

Additional work on this Jeep since 2010:  New springs, new distributor (with electronic points), new carburator, new coil, new fuel pump and filter, valve job and another coat of paint.  The odometer now reads 10980 miles and 316 hours on the hour meter.

Tinker Bell has been sick since 2010.  The symptom was lack of power.  In our attempt to repair most of the parts listed above were installed.  The final action, valve job, uncovered the fact that two valves (intake and exhaust for #1 cylinder) were bent.  However, this did not resolve the issue.  Still no power and she's backfiring through the carburator.


An original restoration with a wrinkle or two.

I have owned this Jeep since about 1982, purchased from a farmer in East Texas. Tinker Bell is part of our family. Read about it in "The Pedigree of a Jeep".

When purchased the title said it was a 1957, but after researching the VIN I discovered it was manufactured in 1959. I did that research based on the serial number on the body tag. It never even entered my mind to recheck the title, I figured it was a clerical error, forgetting I had never had the title transferred to my name. Until I tried to register it in Colorado where you have to have a police inspection/certification of the VIN. Fortunately it was easy in Texas to get a replacement title. Lesson learned, always double check the title against the vehicle.

               August 2005                              May 2006                                                     June 2007
   Tinker Bell on the Trail

The restoration work was started in August 2005 and substantially completed nine-months later in May.  During that period seven-months labor and about $4,500.00 in parts and material was devoted to this restoration.  The job took longer than expected due to the deteriorated condition of the body, and me -- relearning the restoration trade and techniques, and reading everything available dealing with old Jeeps and their restoration.  This Jeep is a RESTO-MOD.  It's a stock chassis and drive-train with minor modifications in the electrical, brake system and body.

Vital Statistics:
    Miles:               9834 (not original miles)
    Engine:             4-Cyl. F-Head 134ci
    Transmission:    T90 3-speed. Dana-18 Transfer Case
    Differential:       Front - Dana 25 w/locking hubs; Rear - Dana 44; original gearing.
    VIN Number:   57548-91640
    Builder:             Smittys Willys, Golden, Texas

For a description of the restoration process, see Before photos,  After photos,  Phase I: Body, Phase II: Chassis or Parts Restoration pages.

Read the trip description and see the videos of Tinker Bell in action: http://ronbaileyphotography.wordpress.com/82/treasure-mountain-trip-2008/ and http://ronbaileyphotography.wordpress.com/crystal-river-jeep-tours/

This Jeep is now being used full time as a tour Jeep for Crystal River Jeep Tours. Check them out online at http://smithfamilycolorado.com/CRJT/, the home of the antique tour with the antique driver.

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