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 Marble, Colorado

CRJT Drivers

All of our drivers are retirees. We call it the "antique tours with the antique drivers" because we figure if you are over 50, you are an antique. Especially when driving one of the antique Jeeps. And if we drive the road correctly we should rock you more than bounce you.  We don't bounce, we rock...

CRJT is dedicated to giving our customers the best tour experience possible -- safely, courteously and knowledgeably. As a business CRJT has not changed its rates appreciably since its founding, thus drivers do not make much salary. As retirees our goal is to supplement our retirement incomes doing something we love. If your tour guide is safe, courteous, knowledgeable and at least a little entertaining we encourage you to leave a tip.

Glenn Smith 


Glenn Smith and his wife Patsy own Crystal River Jeep Tours. Born in Golden, Colorado he is native to the mountains. Smitty learned how to drive on mountain roads and has been driving Jeep tours since 2006. Smitty restores the antique Jeeps we use. He retired in 2004 with 24 years of US Government service, now he's working on his next career. Smittys goal is to keep the creditors from the door, and if he can restore another Jeep in the process it's been a good year.

Starting the 2016 season, Smitty will no longer be driving tours. He will be concentrating on keeping the fleet mechanically sound.

Patsy Smith (and husband Smitty) 

Patsy Smith

Although not a driver Patsy is the backbone of the CRJT operation. Answering the phone, taking reservations, and keeping the books. She keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Tony Petrocco

Tony joined CRJT in 2015. He is a long time resident of Marble with family roots going back at least two generations. Tony is also a trained EMT and performs in his craft with the Marble Volunteer Fire Department. In point of fact, Tony was the Mayor of Marble for awhile.

Steve Ivey

Steve Ivey

Steve joined CRJT in 2018. He has a degree in Biology and Biosciences. His previous jobs have included white water rafting guide and bus driver for RFTA.

Steve is working part time.

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