Vital Statistics:
    Miles:  41133 (presumed original miles)
    Engine: 4-Cyl. F-Head 134ci Hurricane, no. ________.
    Transmission: T90 3-speed. Dana-18 Transfer Case
    Differential: Front - Dana 25; Rear - Dana 44; original gearing.
    VIN Number: 84052-5522

I bought this Jeep on Ebay in November 2005, from a gentleman in West Virginia. This is what his Ebay description said:

"1964 Jeep CJ-6 . I have a signed title, signed by the person that I purchased it from. I put a new clutch in it. I put new tires and tubes on it { $250.00 }, They have only been on pavement about 10 miles since new.  I made a different air filter tube for it and put on a new air filter and breather. I did all this work plus new coil some switches and a water temp gauge 2 years ago. I used it to plow snow for 2 winters. The engine runs real well, and only seems to smoke on start up a little. The brakes need work, have to keep filling the master cylinder.  The radiator has a small leak in it. I was told that this may be a forestry edition, and that it has a rare top, I am not sure.  I  have taken this 4 wheeling with chevy, ford, dodge, and other trucks, and none seem to go places like this one will . The top is realy solid but the body is in rough shape underneath . I am selling this as is where is.  It does start and run good. The Jeep is in Berkeley Springs WV." 

The body will be a challenge.  There's rust-thru all along the side channels of the body where the top attaches.  Drivers side rocker panel has rust-thru and evidence of bondo all along the side.  The left rear corner quarter panel is bashed in.  Right front fender has rust bubbles and the spare tire carrier needs reinforcement.  The rear cross member is also rusted thru.  The floor will also need work.  All of this can be repaired with sheet metal or a replacement body.

The seats are original and in excellent condition for their age. The windshield frame defroster channel has been filled with expandable foam and appears in poor condition.  It has the original heater and the defroster control and plenum are still in place.  The rear bed has a metal plate installed.  The top and doors are in surprisingly good condition, one cracked window.  The dash board has been hacked a little (gauges near the glove box and holes on the drivers side).  The horn button and turn signal control are in place.

The Jeep ran when parked.  

Before, November 2005.

For historical information, go to:  http://cj3b.info/Poster/CJ6.html

This one is waiting restoration.